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2018 Steering Committee Ballot Information

IUPUI/Regional Campuses Statements

Howard J Edenberg

I currently serve on the Alliance Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets with the President and with the Vice President for Research to discuss issues and policies affecting IU, with a focus on maintaining and enhancing excellence and removing obstacles that weigh down on the faculty. Members of the Alliance represent a broad range of expertise and experience, with a common demonstration of and commitment to excellence. Universities and faculty are under a number of different pressures at this time, and it is important to bring our ideas forward to the senior leadership of IU. 

Joan E. Hasse

As a former member of the Alliance of Distinguished and Titled Professor Steering Committee, I celebrated the critical role the Alliance plays in recognizing the excellence and achievements of our faculty.   If elected to serve on the Steering Committee again, in addition to supporting and celebrating excellence, I will work within the Steering Committee to consider a more proactive leadership role for Alliance members in order to identify, clarify and address the increasingly complex and vexing problems facing our university, communities, state, nation and world.  The members of the Alliance, including our “retired” members, are world renown artists, scientists, and teachers—surely, as a group, we are well positioned to tackle at least some of these urgent concerns. 

William A. Wooden

In today’s world, we are faced with many challenges and diverse opinions.  Therefore, as members of the Alliance of Distinguished and Titled Professors, we have a responsibility to support and foster a positive learner environment for the University at large.  We need to prepare ourselves now to embrace new academic opportunities, such as with the new academic health center being developed in Bloomington.  This collaborative effort between IU Health and the University will create increased opportunities for integrated education, research and innovation, philanthropy, and community engagement, thereby ensuring the University’s continued preeminence in building tomorrow’s scholars and leaders.