2012 Election Results
Listed are the results of the recent Alliance Co-Chairs and Steering Committee elections for 2012. The new Co-Chairs and Steering Committee will take office beginning October 1, 2012 for a three year term.

We wish to thank everyone who participated in the 2012 election.


Co-Chair (Bloomington)

Catherine A. PilachowskiCatherine A. Pilachowski
Daniel Kirkwood Chair in Astronomy

As an Alliance of Distinguished and Titled Professors, we speak with an authoritative voice. With that authority, however, comes a responsibility to use our voice wisely, to bring our wisdom to bear in service to the mission of Indiana University, in research, in teaching, and in service. From this perspective, our task should be to encourage excellence in others, and to advise the senior leaders of our institution on ways to further excellence among the faculty. We serve as mentors, role models, and advisors to our colleagues, and have a responsibility to those colleagues to create an environment of scholarship, civility, and respect in which all scholars can flourish.

Co-Chair (Indianapolis)

Howard J. EdenbergHoward J. Edenberg
Distinguished Professor and Chancellor's Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I have been a member of the Alliance Steering Committee since October 2009. The Steering Committee has sought to generate new ideas and advocate for policies that advance the goals of excellence in all aspects of University life. The importance of strong representation of the faculty is greater than ever in these challenging times. I would be happy to continue to represent you as amember of the Steering Committee.

Steering Committe (Bloomington)

Kevin D. BrownKevin D. Brown
Richard S. Melvin Professorship

Professor Brown is the Richard S Melvin Professor of Law at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, where he started in 1987 and the Emeritus Director of the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program at Indiana University-Bloomington. He is a 1978 graduate from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Bloomington and a 1982 graduate from Yale Law School in 1982. Brown's research interest for the past 26 years is primarily in the area of race, law and education. He believes that the Alliance should be an advocate for the research interest of the University. "We should be willing to have frank discussions with the administration and the trustees regarding their policies that are negatively impacting our abilities as scholars. In these difficult economic times, the Alliance should make certain that the administration does not sacrifice the important goals of scholarship and knowledge creation and demonstrates its respect for equity and diversity in its researches policies."

Edward G. CarminesEdward G. Carmines
Distinguished Professor, Rudy Professor, and Warner O. Chapman Professor of Political Science

Indiana University, like all successful universities, needs an organization that encourages and promotes excellence in all spheres of its activity. This is the role that the Alliance is uniquely capable of fulfilling. With all of the external demands, expectations, and challenges that confront the modern research university from adequate funding for classrooms and labs to the need to recruit a diverse and capable student body it is necessary to have an organization that gives voice to the excellence that should be the hallmark of all of our efforts and activities. This need is even more acute today as universities face extremely difficult economic conditions that threaten their daily operations and in some cases their very survival.

Stanley WassermanStanley Wasserman
Rudy Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and of Sociology; Rudy Professor of Statistics

Stan Wasserman came to IU in 2004 after 25 years on the faculties of the University of Minnesota and University of Illinois. He has been a member of the Alliance for 8 years. He has served on College and Campus committees at IU, and was Chair of the Department of Statistics for 5 years, beginning with its inception in 2006.

I am pleased to have been nominated to serve on the Steering Committee of the Alliance. The Alliance is in a unique position to lobby central administration to promote the aspects of the University administrators. The Alliance should represent the entire faculty and can do so uniquely because of its independence form the Colleges, School and Departments of IU. I will work toward improving the links between the Alliance and central administration.

With resources becoming scarcer in future years, the faculty of IU need a strong voice in how those resources will be used to promote excellence. It would be great if the Alliance could be that voice.

Steering Committe (Indianapolis)

Janice C. FroehlichJanice C. Froehlich
Chancellor's Professor Emeritus

The Alliance has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to advise the administration as it undertakes actions and makes decisions that alter university life and that shape it's national and international goals. I would like to participate in that process. I have been a researcher throughout my career with appointments in Medicine, Cellular and Integrative Physiology, and Medical Neurobiology. As past President of the Medical School Faculty and Interim Vice Chancellor for Research at IUPUI, I appreciate the unique strengths of various facets of the university. Making them function synergistically has always been one of my goals.

Joan E. HaaseJoan E. Haase
Emily Holmquist Professor in Pediatric Oncology Nursing

The work of the Alliance is critical to the mission of the Indiana University, and even more so, given recent national dialogue about what are the appropriate mission, funding priorities, and faculty governance structures of public universities. My faculty experiences at 2 other state-supported universities provide me with a keen appreciation of the outstanding research, teaching, commitment of faculty and students, and traditions at Indiana University. Based on my involvement in NIH funded research and training, I also appreciate and will work within the Alliance to maintain and grow the capacity of Indiana University to: foster and maintain a critical mass of distinguished faculty; provide an effective research infrastructure that fosters innovative, trans-disciplinary research; recruit and train outstanding students at all levels, and employ innovative approaches to accomplish the research, teaching and service missions of Indiana University.

Linda A. Kelly-HillLinda A. Kelly-Hill
M. Dale Palmer Professor of Law

Linda Kelly Hill joined the faculty in the fall of 2002, following seven years as a faculty member at St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Florida.

Professor Kelly Hill has written extensively on issues surrounding immigration law as well as domestic violence and the treatment of domestic violence in immigration law.

She worked as a staff attorney for the Haitian Refugee Center in Miami from 1992-1995. She has also served as a staff attorney for the Family Legal Services and Domestic Violence Unit of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County, Florida.

(The above paragraphs were taken from Professors Hill's biographical information)

John I. Nurnberger, Jr.John I. Nurnberger, Jr.
Distinguished Professor and Joyce and Iver Small Professor of Psychiatry

I'm interested in what we can do as a group to foster academic excellence at IU, especially in research and creative activity. I also think that it's very important to enhance the shared sense of academic mission across the various IU campuses, especially the two main campuses at Bloomington and Indianapolis.