Hal E. BroxmeyerHal E. Broxmeyer
Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Broxmeyer's area of research is regulation of hematopoietic and embryonic stem cell self-renewal, proliferation, survival, differentiation and migration, hematopoiesis and immune cell activity. He received a Ph.D., New York University (NYU), 1973; did post-doctoral training Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, and from 1975-1983 was at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York rising to the rank of Associate Member, and was Assistant Professor Cornell University Graduate School (1980-83). He was Associate Professor, IU School of Medicine 1983-86, Professor 1986-1988, Mary Margaret Walther Professor 1988-2009, Chair, Microbiology/Immunology 1997-Present, Distinguished Professor, 2004-Present. He has received: NYU Founder's Day Award, 1973; Mellar Awards: 2nd Prize, 1976, 1st Prize 1977, and Boyer Award 1983 (MSKCC); Special Fellow (1976-1978) and Scholar (1978-1983) Awards, Leuk. Lymph. Soc.; Merit Award NCI (1987-95); Variety Club Awards, 1992, 1993; Gold Medal City of Paris, 1993; World of Difference Award, Indiana Health Industry, 1997; Health Care Heroes Award, Indianapolis Business Journal, 2002; Karl Landsteiner Award, Amer Assoc Blood Banks, 2002; Distinguished Alumni Award, Long Island University, 2005; Taylor Diversity Award, IU, 2006; vanBekkum Award, Autologous Blood and Marrow Society, 2006; E. Donnall Thomas Lecture & Prize, and the Amer Soc Hematol (ASH), 2007. He has been President Int. Soc. Exp. Hematol. 1990/91, Advisory Council, NHLBI, 1993-95; NIH Hematol II Study Section 1981-86, 1996-2000 (Chair 97-00), Council ASH (2001-05), and VP (2008), Pres-Elect (2009), Pres (2010) of ASH; Chairman Bd Scientific Councilors & EAC, Natl Space Biomed Res Inst, NASA (1998-2006); Bd Directors, National Disease Research Interchange (Chairman 2007-2009). He is currently on 11 scientific editorial boards, has published over 630 papers (459 refereed, 175 reviews/book chapters), and has authored 13 patents.

Phone: (317) 274-7510
Email: hbroxmey@iupui.edu