Dean D.T. MaglinteDean D.T. Maglinte
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Dean Maglinte is generally considered the leading gastrointestinal radiologist in the world. Cancer, Crohn's disease, and other gastrointestinal afflictions often hide in the small bowel, a portion of the human digestive system that has always been difficult to image through radiography or to enter with an endoscope because of its motility and a complex, looping configuration, that Dr. Maglinte's research and clinical practice has conquered. His career of dedicated patient care, innovative research, and energetic teaching brought him to Indiana in 1973 as a radiologist at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Early in his career Maglinte recognized inadequacies with small bowel imaging using barium that led to his development of a new procedure called small bowel enteroclysis. Considered the gold standard for evaluating small bowel diseases, the X-ray procedure allowed for administration of two contrast agents that dramatically improved visualization opportunities. Maglinte's innovative spirit continued as he combined modern multi-slice computed tomography (CT) scanners with enteroclysis to create CT enteroclysis, which offered further imaging improvements. Maglinte developed the catheter -- now called the Maglinte Enteroclysis Catheter -- that is widely used for enteroclysis infusions, and also invented a long decompression/enteroclysis catheter called the Maglinte Long Tube, which is used for small bowel decompression and diagnosis -- one of the few long small-bowel catheters in North America. He has held over 20 visiting professorships (at Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Oxford, among other universities), 185 presentations at national and international professional meetings, authorship and co-authorship of more than 150 original articles, 80 chapters and review articles, and three books, including two definitive textbooks with Hans Herlinger. In 2006 he received the Gold Medal Award from the Indiana Radiological Society and was also named by the Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists as the 2006 Richard Marshak International Lecturer. In 2008 he was awarded the Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists' highest honor, the Walter Bradford Canon Medal for lifetime achievement. Maglinte has also received the T.H.O.M.A.S. Award for outstanding alumni in research from his alma mater, the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines.

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